A Popular Festival Elevated to the Rank of an Unmissable Tradition

La Festa del Vi i la Verema de l’Antiga de Poboleda est née avec l’ambition d’être une fête populaire, un moment où la communauté se réunit pour célébrer la richesse du terroir, l’art de la vigne et l’esprit de fête. Au fil des années, le festival a pris de l’ampleur et de la notoriété jusqu’à devenir un événement de référence et un incontournable de l’agenda culturel de notre région.

Raising Standards: A Tribute to the Prestigious World of Priorat Wine

With the boom in the Priorat wine industry and the development of wine tourism, interest in the world of wine has grown considerably. As the sector has become increasingly professional, the expectations of wine lovers have become more refined. As a result, the Festa del Vi i la Verema aspires to be much more than just a festival, it aims to be a benchmark for quality, representing the different producers and highlighting the hard work, effort and, above all, love that goes into every bottle of wine.

A Dive into Winegrowing Traditions

The festivities begin with the evocative tinkling of bells and the old-fashioned harvest. This initial stage is tinged with nostalgia, recalling the days when harvesting was a collective activity, full of conviviality and sharing. At the end of the harvest, a much-appreciated breakfast is served, strengthening the bonds between participants.
Next comes the «piada del râim», a tradition in which participants walk barefoot over the grapes in a cossiol, a sensory experience recalling the early stages of the Priorat wine-making tradition. This authentic practice strengthens the link between past and present, between community and land.

An Exquisite Tasting in an Idyllic Setting

The DOQ Priorat wine tasting is an essential part of the festival. It takes place at the majestic entrances to the manor houses on Calle Major, providing a picturesque setting for discovering the region’s wine treasures. The diversity of aromas, flavours and textures testifies to the expertise of the local winemakers, taking participants on a sensory journey through the unique Priorat terroir.

Crafts, Culture and Entertainment: A Complete Experience

Alongside the tastings, the Raval district hosts a craft fair, showcasing local talent and authentic artisanal products. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover the region’s creative treasures, pick up some unique souvenirs and enjoy local craftsmanship.
The afternoon comes alive with castell performances, a spectacular demonstration of human skill and collective strength. This Catalan tradition adds a touch of cultural pride to the event. Finally, the evening culminates in a dance party at the «La Closa» camp, where music and dance create a joyful, relaxed atmosphere to round off the celebration in style.
The Festa del Vi i la Verema de l’Antiga de Poboleda offers a complete experience, combining wine-making traditions, exquisite tastings, local crafts, cultural shows and festive entertainment. It’s an event where a rich cultural heritage blends harmoniously with a passion for wine, creating lasting memories for participants and perpetuating the Priorat’s wine-growing heritage.