Toulouse, an iconic city in the Southwest of France where gastronomic and wine riches blend perfectly. Explore with us the treasures of this beautiful region, from vineyards to culinary delights.

The city is surrounded by renowned vineyards, especially in the regions of Fronton, Gaillac, and Madiran. Embark on a journey to discover these vineyards and taste wines with unique flavors, such as the powerful red wines of Madiran or the aromatic white wines of Gaillac. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Château de La Reynerie in Fronton to taste local grape varieties like Négrette.


Toulouse cuisine is renowned for its generosity and flavorful dishes. Try the cassoulet, an iconic dish made with white beans, duck confit, and sausages, which warms the heart and stomach. Don’t overlook the foie gras, an essential specialty of the Southwest, paired with a glass of sweet wine.

Toulouse markets are highly reputed, such as the Victor Hugo market, where you can discover fresh local products. Farmhouse cheeses, artisanal charcuterie, and seasonal fruits await you for a gourmet picnic. Step into the city’s fine grocery stores to discover gastronomic treasures to take home.

Culture and Hospitality

Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance of Toulouse as you stroll through its lively streets. Discover wine bars and traditional restaurants where you can enjoy the best food and wine pairings in the region. Don’t miss the chance to participate in a guided tasting to deepen your knowledge of local wines.

Toulouse is a must-visit destination for wine and gastronomy enthusiasts, offering a true sensory journey to the heart of Southwest France.