Come and discover the circuit, a charming and easy course, suitable for all audiences, ideal for family getaways, even with children. Explore one of the most emblematic and fascinating places of Montsant and Priorat. In summer, do not resist the temptation to swim in the Cadolles Fondes and taste the delicious desserts of Ulldemolins, including Orelletes.

Mountains: Sacred Mountain

The very name of the mountain, Montsant, evokes its deep essence, meaning holy mountain. For centuries, this massif has been a privileged place of meditation, a land conducive to communion with God, nature and oneself. The presence of hermits in the landscapes of Montsant testifies to this spiritual connection. The hermitage of Sant Bartomeu, founded in 1160 by Brother Guerau Miquel, is the oldest of these places, associated with the healing stories of Queen Sanxa.

Visit through the nature

The route begins at the hermitage of Sant Antoni d’Ulldemolins, marked by white and red markers. Leaving the road on the right, follow the track that goes up to the small hill, then down to the river Montsant. Shortcuts are possible to avoid some track deviations and join the source of the Gleva. The trail borders the gorges of Cadolles Fondes, offering enchanting views of the rocks carved by the waters.

Explore key points

The route continues along the path parallel to the river, through the forest on the banks. There are crossroads that guide hikers to places such as the rocks of Tres Juradets and the bend of Pastera. The path meanders, offering views of the Tres Jurats, until reaching the ravine of Sant Bartomeu. A charming suspension bridge leads to the hermitage path, crossing the river.

Wonder of Sant Bartomeu

The large cave in front of the hermitage, partially closed by a dry stone retaining wall, offers a glimpse of the life of Brother Guerau. The atmosphere evokes the spirituality and history of this unique place.

Make history

The return is done by following the trail in the opposite direction, allowing hikers to relive the experience in this fascinating landscape. Enjoy every step and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Montsant.