Welcome to the Oil Fair, a dazzling festival dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, the golden soul of Priorat. Every year, this festival brings together lovers of olive oil and curious to discover the exquisite nuances of this Mediterranean essence. Let’s embark on a taste journey in the heart of the Salon du Pétrole.

The market for artisanal oil

The heart of the fair is the artisanal oil market, where local producers proudly display their creations. Colourful stands filled with extra virgin olive oil bottles attract visitors. Each producer shares his story, the varieties of olives used and the production techniques, offering a complete immersion in the world of olive oil of Priorat.

Didactic tastings

Educational tastings allow visitors to refine their palate by learning to recognize the different flavors and aromas of olive oil. Experts guide participants through a sensory experience that highlights the subtle nuances and distinctive characteristics of local oils.

Creative Cooking Workshops

Renowned chefs organize creative cooking workshops with olive oil as a key ingredient. From traditional recipes to contemporary creations, each dish celebrates the versatility and rich flavor of Priorat’s liquid gold. Participants will leave with new culinary ideas that they can incorporate into their daily kitchen.

meetings with producers

The Oil Fair offers a unique opportunity to meet olive makers. Visitors will be able to chat with producers, ask questions about harvesting, pressing and storage methods, and better understand the passion behind every drop of olive oil.

cultural events

In addition to culinary delights, the Petroleum Fair offers cultural events to entertain visitors. Outdoor music shows, traditional dances and art exhibitions create a festive and friendly atmosphere.
The Oil Fair takes place in several cities of Priorat. Check local information or the tourist office for specific locations and dates.

The Oil Fair is much more than a gastronomic fair: it is a celebration of the history, culture and flavours of the Priorat region. Come and taste the essence of this Mediterranean region, where extra virgin olive oil is revered as a precious treasure, a true expression of the Priorat terroir.