Welcome to the mystical world of truffles, a gastronomic treasure that enchants palates around the world. Every year, the Priorat Truffle Festival attracts gourmets in search of the earthy and intoxicating aroma of this rare mushroom. Let’s dive into this unique gastronomic festival that awakens the senses.

The meeting of truffle farmers

The festival begins with a gathering of local truffle farmers, each of whom proudly displays their truffle harvest. The stalls are full of these black gems, each telling the story of the country in which it grew. Visitors can meet producers, learn about the different varieties and even buy fresh truffles to take some magic home.

food tasting

Starred chefs and lovers of local cuisine come together to create dishes based on exceptional truffles. Gastronomic tastings are organized, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy unique creations, from delicate starters to sumptuous desserts, all sublimated by the unique flavor of the truffle.

Cooking workshops and demonstrations

For those who wish to deepen the use of truffles in cooking, culinary workshops are offered. Expert chefs share their secrets, demonstrating the best techniques to sublimate each dish with this treasure of nature. Participants will leave enriched with new skills and a renewed appreciation of the truffle.

Guided truffle hunt

An essential experience of the Truffle Festival is the guided truffle hunt. Accompanied by experienced truffle farmers and their faithful four-legged companions, participants set off to discover secret truffle fields. It is a sensory adventure, follow the nose of the truffle dog and delicately unearth these underground nuggets.

craft market

The craft market that accompanies the festival is a celebration of local crafts. From local products to crafts, each stand offers the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the region. Visitors can stroll through the corridors, taste local products and buy unique souvenirs to take home.

festive and musical atmosphere

The Truffle Festival is not only a banquet for the palate, but also a feast for the senses. Musical performances, traditional dances and a festive atmosphere enliven the streets, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere that unites the community in the celebration of this gastronomic treasure.

The Truffle Festival is celebrated in several towns in the Priorat region. Follow the local signs or ask at the tourist office to plan your visit.
The Priorat Truffle Festival is much more than a gastronomic event, it is a celebration of the terroir, local know-how and passion for gastronomy. Come and taste the magic of truffles and let yourself be carried away by this unforgettable sensory experience.