The Falset Wine Fair, to be held from 3 to 5 May 2024, invites you to enjoy a unique sensory experience, where each bottle tells the story of a love affair between vine and land that goes back more than 28 years. With around 35,000 people expected to attend, this event goes beyond a simple tasting, offering a deep dive into the soul of Priorat.

Exploring flavour complexes: 65 local vineyards to discover

The Salon des Vins is more than just a wine tasting: it’s an exploration of the nuances and subtleties of an exceptional terroir. 65 local wineries will be opening their doors to guide visitors on a journey of complex flavours. Every glass is an invitation to discover the authenticity of Priorat and Montsant wines.

Holidays in exceptional surroundings

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste a variety of wines while immersing themselves in the exceptional setting of the region. The participation of numerous wineries gives the fair a deep territorial link, attracting a considerable influx of local residents and visitors alike.

Wine fair: a journey through flavours and aromas

At the heart of the fair is the wine exhibition, offering parallel activities and tasting sessions throughout the event. It’s an ideal opportunity to discover new wines and wineries, immersing you in the world of Priorat and Montsant wine.

Passionate encounters with the vineyards

What makes this show exceptional are the encounters with passionate winemakers. Their stories mingle with the aromas of their wines, creating an authentic experience. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, share laughs and discover the dedication behind each bottle.

Beyond tasting: a dynamic cultural environment

The Wine Fair is not just about tasting. Lose yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of art exhibitions, captivating musical performances and culinary demonstrations that showcase the cultural richness of the Priorat region.
This fair offers a total immersion in the world of wine, awakening all the senses and creating lasting memories. The Falset Wine Fair is much more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the love of wine, culture and the exceptional Priorat region.

An unforgettable celebration in the heart of the Priorat region

The Falset Wine Fair transcends the simple event of wine tasting to become an unforgettable celebration in the heart of the Priorat region. During this unique sensory experience, visitors are invited to explore the complex notes and subtle aromas of the original Priorat and Montsant wines. With the participation of 65 local caves, the forum offers an authentic journey through the region.
Exciting encounters with the winemakers add a human dimension to this celebration of wine. Their stories, mingled with the aromas of their creations, create lasting memories and a deep bond between consumer and producer.
Beyond the tasting, the Wine Fair offers immersion in a vibrant cultural environment. From art exhibitions to captivating musical performances and culinary demonstrations showcasing the cultural richness of the Priorat region, every moment is a celebration of the love of wine and the region.

In conclusion, this fair is much more than an annual event; it embodies the very spirit of Priorat. Visitors leave not only with exceptional wines to taste, but also with an enriching experience that awakens all the senses. The Falset Wine Fair continues to be an invitation to discover and appreciate the very essence of this exceptional wine-growing region. May this celebration live long in the memory, encouraging everyone to return and explore even more of the Priorat’s treasures.