Every year, the charming village of El Lloar, nestling in the heart of the Priorat mountains in Catalonia, lights up with joy and festivities to celebrate the Festival of Sant Antoni. This age-old tradition, honouring the patron saint of animals, is an emblematic celebration that brings the local community and visitors together in an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing.
The Sant Antoni Festival has deep roots in the history and traditions of the region. In days gone by, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages would gather around the church to bless their animals and crops, asking Sant Antoni for protection against disease and misfortune. Today, this tradition continues, but it has also become an opportunity to celebrate the Priorat’s cultural identity and heritage.

The Festive Programme

The festivities for the Festa de Sant Antoni begin early in the morning, when the locals gather in the village square to attend the solemn mass in honour of the saint. The domestic animals are then blessed by the priest in a colourful procession through the streets of the village, accompanied by traditional dances, folk music and spectacular equestrian displays.

Gastronomy and Traditions

The Festa de Sant Antoni is also an opportunity to savour the region’s culinary delights. The locals carefully prepare traditional Catalan dishes such as calcotada (a feast featuring grilled spring onions), succulent grilled meats and typical desserts such as panellets (small almond cakes). All of this is accompanied by delicious local Priorat wines, which perfectly complement the flavours of the festival.
Beyond the official festivities, the Festa de Sant Antoni is above all a time for sharing and conviviality, when locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate their culture and traditions. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover the authenticity and hospitality of the Priorat region, and to create unforgettable memories in a warm and festive atmosphere.

An Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re a lover of tradition, gastronomy or simply looking for a new experience, the Festa de Sant Antoni in El Lloar promises a total immersion in the life and customs of the Priorat region. It’s a unique opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of this magnificent region, and to share moments of joy and happiness with its people.