Loop route through La Figuera, which offers spectacular views of the Serra de Montsant and much of the Priorat region. Recommended for lovers of panoramic views and photography.

Starting point, the Balcó del Priorat

The starting point of the route is the promontory of Figuera, also bearing the name of Balcó del Priorat, which is partly covered above and partly at the foot to ensure the best views. The mountain and the descent are accessible to all levels of walkers, without difficult peculiarities. For directions, follow the signs of Catalunya Turismo, which starts from the Route Guixar. This excursion will take place at any time of the year and at any time of the day, when it is short. It is advisable to avoid the bright hours of the day.

Excursion to Figuera, an itinerary accessible to all

Our beginnings are to visit the school, where a sign indicates the right direction. Following the tarmac track that leads to the T-702 road, the old road of Calçada, you continue for about 20 minutes until a new sign directs you to the right, towards Vilella Baixa. We continue on these roads and find a well preserved stone hut, protected from the intense agricultural activity of Santa Fe. Take your time to carefully observe the limestone benches around the hut. We arrive for a moment at the Grau de la Figuera, descending towards the river Montsant. If you wish, you can go down, but prepare for a
mountain raid on the way back. For a panoramic view, head to the left cliff, accessible by crossing a cluster of square stones at the top of the hill.

Back to Escambellet

We retrace our steps and continue towards Escambellet. The climb begins towards La Figuera, along the Camí de les Solsides. At short notice, the tip of the Plano is dressed first, with the antennas of the repeaters for the moment. Before climbing, enjoy the panoramic view of a large part of the Priorat. We finish the mountain and find the GR.171, marked in white and red, which takes us back to the village. Before the borrower, we approach the belvedere of Coll d’en Solans, to our right. We follow the path to follow the road through an old air and, after crossing the cemetery, we arrive at the village. To open the view to the south, it is recommended to visit the hermitage of Sant Pau, located two and a half kilometers from the old Camí de les Planes.

Route to Montsant

Route 9 Montsant offers an immersive experience of the region’s natural and cultural beauty. In addition to the spectacular views and historical sites on the route we have already described, here are some
Additional activities: You can observe wild animals throughout the course, keeping an eye on the diversity of the flora and fauna of the region.
Montsant is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, including raptors, wild goats and a multitude of Mediterranean plants. The route also crosses geologically interesting landscapes, characterized by unique rock formations. Take the opportunity to observe the different rock strata and karst formations that tell the geological history of the region. You’ll also be able to take great photos of beautiful scenery, so make sure to explore unique angles and perspectives. Play with light and shadow to create striking images
that capture the very essence of Montsant. If you follow these tips and open up to adventure, you will be guaranteed to experience a
Take advantage of every moment and let yourself be enveloped by the majesty of this pristine landscape. As we walk, we are hungry. It’s time to rest and enjoy the gastronomy of the region, and why not? Try a good red wine.

The recommendation of the day

Clos Mogador, a wine that embodies the passion and authenticity of an exceptional wine terroir. From a successful blend of indigenous grape varieties, each sip reveals the perfect balance between power and elegance. The complex aromas of black fruits and subtle mineral notes captivate the senses, so the tannic structure offers a deep and rewarding experience. The Clos Mogador, a work of oenological art, takes your palate on an unforgettable sensory journey through the sololeilled lands of the Priorat.
As we conclude this captivating journey through the enchanting paths of La Figuera and the treasures of Priorat, we hope that this virtual exploration has awakened in you the desire to discover these places for yourself. The Priorat, a vibrant blend of unspoilt nature and historical heritage, accompanies your impatient steps of discovery.
Beyond the lines of this history, the roads and landscapes of Priorat invite you to create your own memories, explore every corner with wonder and savor the delights of the way. May this imaginative adventure be the prelude to true explorations, and may the wines of Priorat enchant you as much as these stories.