Every year, at Pentecost, Cornudella de Montsant lights up with unique flavours, aromas and festive energy. This exceptional day is dedicated to local gastronomy, highlighting the culinary delights of the region and celebrating the Catalan art of living. Let’s discover together this essential gastronomic experience.

Los Paellers: masters of local cuisine

At the heart of this special day, the Cooks of the Paella Group, also under our name of Paellers, occupy the center stage. These masters of local cuisine prepare with passion two emblematic dishes of the Cornudella de Montsant: rice with rabbit and soft and spicy snails. Their culinary talents turn this day into a memorable feast.

The Art of Wine: Exhibition of Native American Wines

The love of wine is an integral part of the identity of Cornudella de Montsant. During the Pentecost gastronomic day, an exhibition dedicated to local wines is organized. Local producers proudly present their crops, giving visitors the opportunity to taste and appreciate the rich and complex flavors of the wine region. You can find examples such as Scala Dei Cartoixa, an emblematic red wine of the region that offers aromas of ripe fruit, spices and mineral nuances, or Mas Doix Salanques, another red wine of Priorat that seduces with its complex aromas of black fruits, vanilla. and balsamic notes.

Craft market: colours and creativity

Explore the craft market full of color and creativity. Local artists offer unique works, handicrafts and souvenirs that capture the essence of Catalan culture. It’s the perfect place to find authentic treasures and support local talent.

Gastronomic exhibition of local restaurants

The restaurants of Cornudella de Montsant also participate in this gastronomic day by presenting an exhibition of deliciously prepared dishes. Talented chefs showcase the diversity and quality of the local cuisine, offering visitors a varied and memorable dining experience.

Ambient festiu a la plaça central

During this day, the central square of Cornudella de Montsant vibrates with a festive atmosphere. Locals and visitors gather around friendly tables, sharing delicious meals, laughter and moments of pure happiness. Pentecost thus becomes a privileged moment to celebrate life, cooking and coexistence.
The Pentecost gastronomic day in Cornudella de Montsant promises an unforgettable culinary journey, where each dish tells a story, each wine evokes a terroir and each moment is a celebration of the Catalan art of living. Join this gastronomic festival and let yourself be carried away by the delights of Pentecost in Cornudella de Montsant.