A course of contrasts, an exciting challenge

From deep valleys to the highest peaks, the Montsant Ulldemolins route promises a variety of contrasting landscapes on the northern slope of the Montsant. However, proper preparation is essential, as the course may include high mountain sections, which require mountaineering experience to ensure safe progression despite the long and steep climb and steep descent from the start.

Well marked trails, Points of interest

The route, essentially a trail, is generally easy to follow thanks to adequate signage. Crossing the ridges of Els Ventadors requires vigilance, but offers impressive panoramic views. Spend half a day on this adventure, with a stop at the hermitage of Sant Antoni to refresh and recover.

Immerse yourself in the oenology of Montsant

Explore the charming world of Montsant wines by visiting the local vineyards. Meet passionate winemakers, immerse yourself in the winemaking process and taste exceptional wines in an idyllic setting. The indigenous grape varieties such as Grenache and Cariñena reveal the unique character of the terroir and perfectly complement the Catalan gastronomy.

Tips for an optimal experience

This route is suitable for all seasons, but requires caution in summer due to the heat. It is not recommended for children or people suffering from vertigo. The paved track of the hermitage of Sant Antoni is a comfortable starting point.

Panoramic loop and Catalan culture

The route begins at the hermitage of Sant Antoni, following the path towards the river Montsant. Passing by places such as Cadolles Fondes, Congost de Fraguerau and Punta dels Pins Carrassers, you will immerse yourself in varied and unique landscapes. Enjoy local festivals for an immersive cultural experience in Ulldemolins.

Ulldemolins: tradition, modernity and Catalan beauty

Ulldemolins, with its captivating blend of unspoilt nature, cultural heritage and wine tourism, promises an unforgettable getaway in the authenticity and beauty of Montsant. May every moment spent in this Catalan jewel where tradition meets modernity be an enriching experience.

tip of the day

Discover the quintessence of Priorat wines with the prestigious Clos Erasmus. Testimony to the wine excellence of the region, this wine offers a symphony of captivating flavors that resonate with the soul of the terroir. The meticulous blending of indigenous grape varieties, including Grenache and Cariñena, expresses the elegance and complexity of Priorat. The mesmerizing aromas of ripe red fruits, delicate floral notes and mineral nuances seduce the palate with every sip. Whether you are a confirmed wine lover or you are discovering the treasures of Priorat for the first time, the Clos Erasmus offers you an unforgettable experience.

Come and discover Montsant Ulldemolins

At the end of this captivating journey through the impressive landscapes of Montsant, from Ulldemolins to its majestic peaks, passing by the intoxicating delights of Priorat wines such as the Clos Erasmus, We hope this virtual adventure has aroused your curiosity and sharpened your senses.
The Priorat, land of vineyards and guardian of ancient traditions, offers much more than a simple getaway. It is an immersion in history, pristine nature and the unparalleled flavors of its iconic wines. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast, a confirmed oenologist or simply a curious eager to explore new horizons, the Priorat offers unforgettable experiences.