Welcome to Mexico, a country rich in history, culture and geographical diversity. Located in North America, Mexico is the continent’s third largest country, covering an area of approximately 1.96 million square kilometres. It is a country of contrasts, where ancient civilisations blend with modernity, where landscapes range from arid deserts to lush tropical beaches, and where ancestral traditions merge with a dynamic and vibrant culture.

General information about Mexico

Mexico is famous for its cultural richness, with emblematic archaeological sites such as Teotihuacán, Chichén Itzá and Palenque, witnesses of the ancient greatness of pre-Columbian civilizations. The country is also full of picturesque colonial towns such as Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, where Spanish colonial architecture blends with the lively atmosphere of cobblestone streets and central squares.
Mexican cuisine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a feast of flavours, colours and textures. Iconic dishes such as tacos, enchiladas and mole are enjoyed around the world, as are traditional drinks such as mezcal and tequila.
But Mexico is not only history and gastronomy; it is also an emerging country in the wine sector.

The vineyards of Mexico

Often overlooked, the Mexican wine industry is gaining international renown and recognition. Mexican vineyards are found mainly in the northern regions of the country, including Baja California, Jalisco and Querétaro.

Baja California: a land of excellence

Baja California, and particularly the Guadalupe Valley, is often compared to the Napa Valley in the United States and the Bordeaux region in France. With its Mediterranean climate, fertile soils and altitude variations, the region offers ideal conditions for growing grapes of the highest quality. Grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Nebbiolo and Tempranillo thrive here.
The vineyards of Baja California have combined tradition and innovation to produce award-winning wines, recognized for their quality and distinctive character.

Jalisco:cradle of tequila and land of vines

Jalisco is famous for being the birthplace of tequila, but the region is also distinguished by the expansion of its vineyards. In the highlands of Jalisco, where volcanic soils and temperate climate create favorable conditions for viticulture, there are vineyards that produce a wide variety of wines, including fresh whites and full-bodied reds.

Querétaro: tradition and innovation

The Querétaro region, located in central Mexico, is another emerging area of the Mexican wine industry. Its vineyard flourishes in a hilly landscape and offers a variety of grape varieties, from Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah. Querétaro’s cellars, which combine tradition and innovation, attract wine lovers from all over the world.

Mexico, with its geographic diversity, rich history and vibrant culture, is much more than a tourist destination. It is also a country that excels in the art of winemaking, offering wine lovers an unforgettable sensory experience amidst spectacular landscapes and centuries-old traditions. Discovering the vineyards of Mexico is an invitation to explore the unique flavors and extraordinary terroirs of this beautiful country.