Passage from Slate to Limestone Cliffs

With this itinerary, explore the captivating passage of the slate world characteristic of the lower part of the Priorat to the first limestone cliffs of Els Montalts. The ascent and descent will guide you through ancient passes or graus, routes once reserved for animals, which offer a unique perspective on these mountains. This adventure offers a complete immersion in the geological diversity of the region.

Adventure in two acts: Cliffs and Graus

This adventure is divided into two distinct parts: the first, longer, consists in the ascent and descent along steep cliffs, while the second, shorter but more sensational, consists in crossing the graus. The first stages of the walk follow part of the bed of the Riuet d’Scala Dei, revealing in places the resurgence of the torrent throughout the course. We then walk the paths formerly used for transporting animals, which connect the city to the elevated areas and the foot of the Graus.

Weather and precautions: morning ball and caution in rocky terrain

Dedicate a morning to this excursion taking into account your rock climbing experience. Avoid this route in very hot weather because it takes place mainly outdoors, through often abandoned fields, which offer little protection from the sun on this exposed hillside. This route is not recommended in case of fog or when the rock is wet. The diversity of the course offers a varied experience, from demanding climbs to quiet descents.

Panoramic route: The streets of Vilella Alta to the Natural Path

Start your adventure on the town square and follow the path that crosses the cooperative to the main road. Near the old union, the path painted in blue begins its descent towards the bed of Scala Dei. Follow the path, which gradually becomes a narrow path, which will lead you to the irregular stream. Stop at Font dels Aubins, a picturesque spring used as a rest area. Continue on the cemented path that climbs left through farmland.

Crossing the cliffs: ascent, via ferrata and panorama

At the top of the climb, take on the right a path that winds between abandoned fields and under the pines. Cross a vineyard and turn right on a path that descends towards Tormo del Frare. After briefly following a track next to a newly planted vineyard, return to the trail that climbs a steep slope. Climb through olive groves and abandoned fields as you approach the foot of the cliff. At a certain point, between the rocks of the cliff, you will see the path that leads to the grau. Climb the curves to a vertical wall where a via ferrata will help you cross the section damaged by a landslide.

Descent of the Graus: Cova Roja, Abandoned Fields and return to Vilella Alta

After this climb, go up a little more and cross a second vertical stretch not arranged. Once at the top of the cliff, head towards the vineyards, climbing slightly through the farmland to the ruins of Mas Déu. Near these ruins, discover the partially buried remains of the Font del Roure. Enjoy the panoramic view before starting the descent guided by the blue beacons. Cross a vineyard with a large oak next to a hillside of

Culinary discoveries in the heart of La Vilella Alta

Back from your hiking adventure, immerse yourself in the delights of the local cuisine of La Vilella Alta. The restaurants of the city invite you to taste authentic Catalan specialties, made with local products, fresh and tasty. Accompany your meal with Priorat wines, creating a culinary experience that highlights the richness of the terroir.

Investor harmony: Perfect pairing with local wines

Accompany these feasts with the renowned wines of the Priorat region, such as the Costers del Siurana Clos de l’Obac, a balanced and elegant wine with notes of black cherry, cassis and vanilla. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice to accompany a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, creating a perfect harmony between the exquisite flavors of local dishes and the subtle notes of local wines. The native grape varieties grown in the surrounding vineyards add a unique dimension to every bite, making it an unforgettable culinary experience.

La Vilella Alta, where history and gastronomy go hand in hand

In the heart of La Vilella Alta, each street tells a story, each path reveals an adventure. From limestone cliffs to ancient gravel pits, this picturesque exploration offers a unique geographical diversity. After witnessing the natural grandeur, immerse yourself in the culinary authenticity of the city. La Vilella Alta, where history and gastronomy come together to create a complete experience in this virgin enclave of Priorat. Enjoy every moment, from trails to flavors, in this virgin corner of Catalonia.