Nestled at the foot of the Vosges, the Alsace wine region evokes a perfect harmony between tradition, terroir and wine excellence. It is in this enchanting landscape that the reputation of Hugel & Fils flourishes, a wine estate that embodies the very essence of Alsatian wine art. In this blog, we return to this illustrious house and its prestigious heritage in the region.

Terroir and Alsatian tradition

Alsace, with its hilly vineyard bathed by a semi-continental climate, is a wine jewel where emblematic grape varieties flourish. Come and discover with us the secrets of this unique terroir, where the granitic soil and microclimate promote the maturation of the grapes and give the wines their distinctive expression.

Hugel & Fils: A story of passion

For more than three centuries, the Hugel family has passionately perpetuated the Alsatian wine tradition. Discover the captivating history of this wine dynasty, marked by a deep commitment to quality, authenticity and respect for the terroir. From generation to generation, the Hugel family is committed to producing exceptional wines that embody the very soul of Alsace.

The art of winemaking at Hugel & Fils

At Hugel & Fils, each wine is the fruit of a know-how passed on from father to son. Discover the meticulous winemaking techniques that preserve the purity and aromatic expression of Alsatian grape varieties. From manual harvesting to aging in century-old oak barrels, each step of the process is precisely orchestrated to reveal all the finesse and elegance of Hugel wines.

A range of exceptional wines

The range of wines offered by Hugel & Fils is a true ode to the diversity and richness of the Alsatian vineyard. Discover the delicate aromas of Riesling, the freshness of Gewurztraminer, the finesse of Pinot Gris and the vivacity of Muscat. Each bottle embodies the very essence of its grape variety, capturing the essence of the terroir and the ancestral know-how of the Hugel family.

commitment to excellence

For the Hugel family, wine excellence is not limited to the quality of the wines, but also encompasses a commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. Discover the Hugel family’s nature-friendly winemaking practices, which aim to preserve the ecological balance of the Alsatian vineyard for future generations.
Hugel & Fils perfectly embodies the spirit of Alsace: a harmonious blend of tradition, quality and passion. Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, a Hugel & Fils wine tasting is an unforgettable sensory experience, an invitation to discover the captivating soul of this exceptional wine terroir.