Welcome to the Fira de Sant Isidre in Porrera, where the agricultural festival is not limited to dances and parades, but also extends to a delicious celebration of local gastronomy. Discover how this festival, in honor of the patron saint of farmers, awakens not only the soul of the Priorat but also the taste buds of visitors.

Flavours of the Earth on the local market

The Fira de Sant Isidre market is a mosaic of colours and aromas. Local producers proudly present their fresh crops, from fruits to vegetables, through olives to aromatic herbs. Visitors can stroll among the stalls and discover the richness of the local products of Priorat.

tasting of local wines

The Fira offers an invaluable opportunity to discover the wines of the Priorat. Tasting stations allow visitors to discover the region’s emblematic grape varieties, such as Grenache and Carignan. The rich and complex wines of the Priorat blend perfectly with the flavors of the local cuisine.

Food stalls: a culinary odyssey

The gastronomic stands are a real banquet for the senses. Priorat’s traditional dishes are prepared in front of visitors, offering an immersive dining experience. From roasted calçots to local sausages, to the simmered dishes of Catalan cuisine, each bite tells a story of terroir and traditions.

Priorat cuisine: a range of flavours

Priorat cuisine is known for its simplicity, which highlights the quality of the ingredients. The dishes are usually infused with extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs and Mediterranean flavors. Food lovers will find their happiness with delicacies such as «l’escalivada» (grilled vegetables), «cannelloni» (cannelloni) and artisan cheeses.

unique gastronomic experiences

Some booths offer special culinary experiences, such as live cooking demonstrations where local chefs share their secrets. Visitors can participate in wine tasting workshops, discovering the subtle art of refining dishes and wines.

a feast for the senses

The Fira de Sant Isidre in Porrera is not only an agricultural festival, it is a gastronomic festival that awakens the senses. Between colorful market stalls, fragrant gourmet stalls and wine tastings, each corner is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of Priorat. It is an invitation to taste, savour and celebrate the gastronomic richness of this unique region. Whether to taste traditional dishes or discover new wines and dishes, the Fira de Sant Isidre a Porrera is a banquet for the senses and a celebration of life, land and unforgettable flavors of the Priorat.