Welcome to the Falset Wine Fair, an annual celebration that plunges wine lovers into the rich and tasty world of exceptional Priorat wines. Taking place in the charming town of Falset, this emblematic event offers an unforgettable sensory experience, highlighting the wine heritage of the region.

El Priorat: Land of exception

Located in Catalonia, Priorat is famous for its exceptional wines from a unique terroir and ancient winemaking methods. The Falset Wine Fair thus becomes the ideal venue to discover and taste these famous wines that have conquered palates around the world.

Meeting with passionate winemakers

The show offers the unique opportunity to meet the passionate winemakers behind these exquisite nectars. Wine lovers will be able to exchange with the producers, discover the secrets of winemaking and appreciate the passion behind each bottle. This is the perfect opportunity to create links between wine lovers and artisans.

Tastings galore

The tastings are at the heart of the Falset Wine Fair. The stands are elegantly arranged and offer a varied selection of wines, from young wines to grand crus. Participants can enjoy a range of flavours, from subtle aromas to bold notes, offering a rich and nuanced taste experience.

A celebration of wine culture

Beyond the tastings, the show celebrates wine culture in all its diversity. From art exhibitions to culinary workshops highlighting the dishes and wines of Priorat, the event creates an enveloping atmosphere where wine becomes the thread of an epicurean festival.

Festive atmosphere and entertainment

The Falset Wine Fair is not only for connoisseurs, but also offers a festive and pleasant atmosphere. Concerts, artistic performances and rhythmic animations in the streets of Falset, creating a vibrant atmosphere where the joy of living and the passion for wine blend harmoniously.

Sensory Journey and Wine Tradition

The Falset Wine Fair is much more than just an oenological event. It is a sensory journey that plunges visitors into the history, passion and flavors of Priorat. By participating in this epicurean celebration, every wine lover becomes the privileged witness of a centuries-old wine tradition, living an unforgettable experience in the heart of one of the most prestigious wine regions in Spain.