Welcome to Siurana, a village perched in the mountains that still whispers tales of heroic sieges and impossible conquests, leaving behind an indelible mark.

Historical heritage: Siurana through the centuries

Perched on impassable cliffs, Siurana was the scene of the collapse of the knights of the four counts, defying its impregnable castle. The fortress defended a border stretching from the Col de Balaguer to Tamarit de Gaià. After the fall of Lleida and Tortosa, Siurana resisted until its conquest in 1153, marking the end of the Moorish resistance in Catalonia.

The tragedy of Queen Abdelazia

The steep cliffs of Siurana reveal three centuries of resistance that resulted in a tragedy. The Moorish queen Abdelazia, preferring death to Christian captivity, threw herself and her horse off a cliff. The imprint of the horseshoe, engraved in the rock, bears witness to the fall of the last Saracen bastion in Catalonia.

Siurana today: charm and serenity

Today, Siurana is an enchanting village, its old houses preserving the essence of its past. Below, an artificial lake offers calm waters ideal for a variety of water sports.

Architectural treasure: The Romanesque church of Siurana

The Romanesque church of Siurana is distinguished by its sculpted tympanum surrounded by three bas-relief archivolts, resting on columns decorated with capitals with various motifs.

Captivating landscapes and breathtaking views

Surrounded by breathtaking views of Montsant Mountain, La Gritella and the Prades Mountains, Siurana invites you to marvel at its natural splendour.

Destination for adventurers: hiking and mountain biking

Siurana remains a paradise for hikers and climbers, with its legendary peaks famous around the world. Explore a place where history, legends and nature combine to create a memorable experience. Immerse yourself in an adventure where every corner of Siurana tells a fascinating story, where legends of the past mingle with the tranquility of the present.