Located at the foot of the majestic Andes mountain range, Domaine El Enólogo enjoys an exceptional terroir, ideal for the cultivation of quality grape varieties. For several generations since its foundation, the family managing the estate has perpetuated the art of viticulture with passion, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The wines produced here are the result of ancestral know-how and a deep respect for the land. From rich and velvety Malbecs to aromatic Torrontés, each bottle tells the unique story of the Argentine terroir. During a guided tour of the estate, you can explore the lush vineyards, admire traditional winemaking techniques, and taste an exclusive selection of wines, accompanied by expert explanations from our oenologists.

Argentine Gastronomy at its Peak

Gastronomy holds a special place at Domaine El Enólogo, where every meal is a celebration of authentic Argentine flavors. Our restaurant, located in the heart of the estate, offers refined cuisine prepared with fresh and local ingredients, carefully selected for their quality. From succulent meat grills to crispy empanadas, and from seafood ceviches. Each dish is beautifully paired with a wine suggestion, highlighting the aromatic subtleties and nuances of each grape variety.

Adventurous Activities

Beyond wine tasting and gastronomy, Domaine El Enólogo offers a multitude of activities for adventure and outdoor enthusiasts. Embark on an exploration of picturesque hiking trails that wind through the vineyards and offer breathtaking views of the Mendoza Valley. For a more immersive experience, opt for a cycling excursion through the vineyard landscapes, stopping to admire the panoramas and taste local products along the way. Thrill-seekers can also try their hand at rafting in the turbulent waters of the nearby rivers or soar over the vineyards in a hot air balloon at sunrise.