Discover the southern side of the Serra de Montsant with this captivating route, which offers a complete experience of the Els Montalts Natural Park. Perfect for hiking enthusiasts, this trail follows Route IV: Sender dels Montalts, revealing cobblestone sections that bear witness to the history of transporters and farmers in the area. The route offers panoramic views of the Montsant River and the historical sites linked to the Battle of the Ebro in 1938.

Nature getaway: a walk for all levels

Suitable for all hikers, this route can be done in a morning at any time of the year. To enjoy summer more, avoid the hottest hours and remember to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Start your visit at the information point of the natural park, cross the Scala Dei stream and follow the path that runs along the river to the swimming pool.

Panoramic itinerary: from panoramic to historic sites

Enjoy panoramic views of the Montsant River, which forms a narrow gap between the Serra de la Calçada and the Roca de la Figuera. The trail will also take you to historical sites linked to the Battle of the Ebro in 1938, adding a historical dimension to your adventure.

Precise Itinerary: From La Vilella Baixa to Grau dels Bous

Follow the precise indications of the trail, starting from the information point of the natural park. Cross the narrow streets of Vilella Baixa, cross the stream Scala Dei through the bridge Vell and follow the path that leads to the pool. Then go up to Cabacès by a paved road, join the Grau dels Bous and follow the signs for the road that leads to the Grau, the old road of Margalef, clearly marked in white.

Back to La Vilella Baixa: make a loop through charming landscapes

After the climb, enjoy the descent through the ravines of Racó and Els Bassots. We will pass by the Barraca del Creuetes, descend to Coll Empedrat and return to La Vilella Baixa. For the return, follow the old path of Cabacès until Coll de la Creu and return to the village.

Authentic gastronomy in La Vilella Baixa: a treat for the senses

After a day exploring the unspoilt nature of La Vilella Baixa, immerse yourself in the richness of the local gastronomy. Restaurants in this charming town offer an authentic dining experience, showcasing the unique flavours of the Priorat region. Accompany your meal with the region’s renowned wines, creating a perfect fusion between the delicacy of local dishes and the subtle notes of indigenous grape varieties.
Enjoy traditional Catalan dishes made with fresh local ingredients, such as olive oil, artisan cheeses and locally grown products. To accompany these delights, discover the range of Priorat wines, known for their robust character and depth. Among the options not to be missed, discover the Clos Mogador, emblematic wine of the region, or let yourself be seduced by the complex aromas of the Terrasses d’Alvaro Palacios.
Let yourself be guided by local recommendations to subtly combine the flavors of regional dishes with wines such as Clos Erasmus or Mas Martinet. These wines, grown in the surrounding vineyards, add an extra dimension to your culinary experience, revealing the subtleties of the Priorat terroir.

A rewarding day in La Vilella Baixa

His exploration of the southern slope of the Serra de Montsant to La Vilella Baixa led him through landscapes and captivating historical sites. Local cuisine, complemented by Priorat wines, has added a delicious touch to your adventure. Whether enjoying traditional Catalan dishes, discovering new grape varieties or simply enjoying the beauty of nature, this enriching day will remain etched in your memory. Enjoy the warm hospitality and rich culinary heritage of La Vilella Baixa, an experience that will make you want to come back and explore more of this beautiful region.