Welcome to the wine-growing charm of Galicia, where Domaine Monterrei reveals the quintessence of its unique terroir. Located in the north-west of Spain, this unspoilt region offers an idyllic environment to cultivate vines and create exceptional wines.

Monterrei: an exceptional terroir

Domaine Monterrei is located in the wine region of Galicia, famous for its Atlantic climate and green landscapes. The vineyards, nestled between hills and rivers, benefit from a diversity of soils that give the wines an unparalleled aromatic richness.

Authentic grape varieties

Domaine Monterrei cultivates different indigenous and international grape varieties. Among them, Godello, Albariño and Treixadura stand out for their unique expression, reflecting the character of Galicia in every glass.

Production of artisanal wine

The winery of Domaine Monterrei uses traditional winemaking methods, preserving the purity of the fruit and fully expressing the potential of the terroir. Each stage, from harvest to ageing, is carried out with meticulous care to create wines that captivate the senses.

Unforgettable wine route

For wine lovers, Domaine Monterrei offers an immersive wine tourism experience. From guided tours of the terraced vineyards to tastings in the historic winery, every moment is an opportunity to discover the history and passion that animate this family estate.

Galicia: between tradition and modernity

Galicia seduces visitors with its harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Pristine villages, local festivals and authentic gastronomy testify to a culture rooted in the past, while innovative wineries embody the new generation of passionate winemakers.

Monterrei, a sensory journey

Tasting a wine from Domaine Monterrei means embarking on a sensory journey in the heart of Galicia. Each sip reveals the nuances of the terroir, the accents of the Atlantic climate and the soul of the region.
Domaine Monterrei celebrates the magic of Galicia through its exceptional wines. Whether you are a wine expert or just looking for the authentic essence of Galicia, you will definitely love this wine destination.