Priorat Land of Exception

Celler Vall Llach is located in the heart of the Priorat wine gem, famous for its schist soil, Mediterranean climate and old vines. These elements converge to create a unique territory that permeates every sip of the wines of this exceptional winery.

Passion, Friendship and Dedication to the Terroir

Founded in 1992 by friends and visionaries Albert Costa and Enric Costa, Celler Vall Llach embodies passion, friendship and dedication to the terroir. These founders have joined their visions to create wines that transcend time, each bottle telling the story of an exceptional terroir.

Must-see oenological gems

The wines of Celler Vall Llach are true oenological gems, with in mind the “Vall Llach”, a captivating set of Carignan, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Each sip offers an explosion of flavours, a complex dance between ripe fruit, spices and the distinctive minerality of Priorat.

Immersion in the history, culture and art of wine

Celler Vall Llach is more than just wine tasting. It is an immersion into the history, culture and art of wine. Guided tastings will make you discover the vineyards, the cellars and the secrets of winemaking, awakening your senses at each stage.

unforgettable sensory experience

The tasting of “Porrera vi de Vila”, a wonder for the senses, highlights the complexity of Mediterranean wines and pairs perfectly with cheese or red meat. Every moment at Celler Vall Llach is an unforgettable sensory experience.

Hymn to Tradition, Friendship and Excellence of Wine

In short, Celler Vall Llach is much more than a winery. It is a hymn to tradition, friendship and wine excellence. Each bottle is a love letter to the Priorat, an invitation to explore the aromas and flavors that make this wine region so exceptional. If you are looking for an authentic wine experience, Celler Vall Llach is your final destination. Take the time to enjoy each sip and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Priorat.