A land of history and contrasts

Aragon, the emblematic region of northeastern Spain, evokes landscapes with surprising contrasts, from the arid plains to the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees. Bodegas San Alejandro draws inspiration from this unique environment to create wines that bear the imprint of this sunny and diverse terroir.

Founded in 1962, Bodegas San Alejandro embodies the wine heritage of Aragon. The winery quickly established itself as a pillar of the Spanish wine scene, bringing together passionate winemakers driven by the desire to highlight the richness of the Aragonese terroir.

The Vineyards of Varied Altitudes

Bodegas San Alejandro stands out for its oenological approach based on diversity. The vineyards, grown at different altitudes, create a mosaic of microclimates and soils. This grape contributes to the complexity of the wines produced by the winery, in which each bottle tells a unique story about its terroir.

The estate offers a full range of wines, from powerful reds to fresh and balanced whites. Among the emblematic grape varieties, Garnacha, Syrah and Cariñena stand out for their authentic expression, a reflection of Aragon’s own identity.

The vineyards of Bodegas San Alejandro extend over a wide range of soils, from limestone in the foothills to siliceous clay in the highlands. The extreme climatic conditions, with hot summers and harsh winters, contribute to the concentration of aromas in the grapes, giving a unique intensity to the wines.

Immersive wine experience

For wine lovers wishing to explore, Bodegas San Alejandro offers an immersive wine tourism experience. From guided tours of picturesque vineyards to tastings in centuries-old cellars, each stage of the route is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wine heritage of Aragon.

Beyond its vineyards, Aragon seduces with its rich cultural heritage. Medieval castles perched on the slopes of the mountains tell the story, while lively festivals celebrate Aragonese tradition and lifestyle.
Bodegas San Alejandro, rooted in the heart of Aragon, embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The wines of the cellar invite you on a journey, revealing the enchanting landscapes of Aragon with each sip. To discover Bodegas San Alejandro is to immerse yourself in the soul of this Spanish wine region, where each bottle tells the story of a love story between the land, the vineyards and the exceptional know-how of winemakers.