Impressive panoramas: climb the Tie Rock

Explore the southern side of the Montsant range on an itinerary that promises impressive panoramic views, an ideal adventure for photography lovers. Our starting and finishing point is the hermitage of Sant Joan del Codolar, a place steeped in history from which opens a world of majestic cliffs. The ascent takes one of the traditional paths that lead to the Serra Major, offering spectacular views of the imposing cliffs of Sant Joan until reaching the summit, the Roca Corbatera.

Return Bewitching: Way of the Llisera for a unique perspective

The descent is mainly along the beautiful Camí de la Llisera road, offering a unique perspective on the mountainside for several kilometers. This hike, accessible to all levels, can be done in one morning, although less experienced hikers may find that they fail punctually. The diversity of the parks offers a varied experience, between stimulating ascent and soothing descent.

All seasons, all hikers: practical advice

The route can be traveled all year round, but it is advisable to avoid the hottest periods of summer. Start early in the morning or late in the afternoon to enjoy the experience more and pay attention to the weather conditions. When exploring Cova Santa, be sure to bring a headlamp and watch out for wet rocks. Photography enthusiasts will experience magical moments throughout the course.

Discovering the Sacred Cave: Cova Santa

The route begins at the hermitage of Sant Joan del Codolar, accessible by car from Cornudella by a cement track. Follow the marked path from the Grau de Montsant, passing by points of interest such as the Clot del Moloner and the Cova del Moloner. The climb continues to the Serra Major, with clear indications towards Roca Corbatera. The descent reveals another side of the landscape, crossing the Pla del Grau to the Camí de la Llisera.

Local gastronomy: a feast for the senses with the Priorat vineyards

Back in Cornudella, discover the delights of local gastronomy in restaurants offering authentic Catalan specialties. Accompany these festivals with renowned wines from the Priorat region, such as Clos Mogador, Alvaro Palacios and Clos Erasmus, creating a perfect harmony between the exquisite flavors of local dishes and the subtle notes of these local wines. Enjoy every bite as you explore the culinary riches of the region.

Come and discover Cornudella

You can fill this Cornudella adventure with spectacular panoramas and gastronomic delights, creating unforgettable memories on the next stage of the road. May each stage be an invitation to discover the unspoilt beauty of Montsant and to savour the culinary treasures that make this region an unforgettable destination.