Situated in the heart of Bordeaux’s prestigious Médoc wine region, castle Lynch-Bages epitomizes the excellence and tradition of Bordeaux viticulture since the 18th century. Founded by Irish proprietor Thomas Lynch, the estate has grown over generations to become one of the crown jewels of the Pauillac appellation.

With about 100 hectares of vineyards, Château Lynch-Bages cultivates noble varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, on the region’s typical gravel soils. Meticulous and traditional winemaking, combined with aging in oak barrels, bestows the wines with unparalleled richness, structure, and complexity.

Castle Lynch-Bages produces several prestigious cuvées, including its flagship Grand Vin, Château Lynch-Bages, and second wines like Echo de Lynch-Bages. These wines are distinguished by their powerful character, elegance, and ability to age gracefully.

Upon tasting, Château Lynch-Bages Rouge reveals a deep, intense color, complex aromas of black fruit, blackcurrant, cedar, and hints of spices and wood. On the palate, it offers a firm structure, elegant tannins, and a persistent finish, promising remarkable aging potential.

Castle Lynch-Bages, with its centuries-old history, exceptional terroir, and wines of exceptional quality, remains a must-visit for wine enthusiasts worldwide, embodying the excellence and prestige of Bordeaux viticulture.

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