Spain, a country of contrasts and cultural richness, is also full of winegrowing treasures to discover. Among them, Bodega Las Calzadas stands out as one of the stars of the Spanish wine scene. Rooted in history and tradition, this winery alone embodies the very essence of the Iberian terroir.

Spain in brief

Spain, in south-western Europe, is the fourth largest country on the continent, covering an area of around 505,990 square kilometres. This diverse territory is home to a multitude of climates, landscapes and cultures that have shaped its wine-growing identity.
Known for its wines since antiquity, Spain offers a wide variety of indigenous grape varieties and winemaking techniques. From the full-bodied wines of Rioja to the sweet nectars of Sherry, each Spanish wine region offers a unique sensory experience, a testament to ancestral know-how handed down from generation to generation.

Las Calzadas winery: a wine-growing oasis

At the heart of this wine-growing mosaic lies Bodega Las Calzadas, a farmhouse that embodies excellence and passion for wine. Nestling in the picturesque valleys of La Mancha, this winery evokes tradition and authenticity from the very first moment.
The vineyards of Bodega Las Calzadas stretch over hectares of fertile land, bathed in generous sunshine and caressed by gentle breezes. This combination of natural factors creates an ideal microclimate for growing the region’s emblematic grape varieties, such as Tempranillo, Garnacha and Verdejo.*

A renewed tradition

Founded several generations ago, Bodega Las Calzadas has combined tradition and innovation to produce exceptional wines. Ancestral winemaking methods are meticulously respected, while modern techniques add a touch of delicacy and precision to each base wine.
The whisper of time echoes in the cellars of Las Calzadas, where oak barrels slowly age the wines, giving them unrivalled depth and complexity. Each bottle that leaves the cellars carries with it the heritage of a long winemaking tradition, as well as the unique expression of the La Mancha terroir.

An invitation to travel

Bodega Las Calzadas is an invitation to travel through the charming flavours of Spain for wine lovers and seekers of new tastes. Each glass tells a story, each sip evokes a landscape and each bottle transports the taster to the very heart of Spanish wine culture.
Whether enjoying a glass of their famous Tempranillo or exploring the sun-drenched vineyards, a visit to Bodega Las Calzadas promises a memorable experience, where the senses are awakened and memories are made forever.
In conclusion, Bodega Las Calzadas embodies the very spirit of Spanish winemaking, where tradition, passion and excellence come together to offer exceptional wines to be savoured and shared.